Tyde Greeting Cards came into fruition April 2022.  Tyde Greeting cards is the very first arm of Sparz LLC. Tyde Greeting cards offers greeting cards for most occasions; Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Just Because, Congratulations, Anniversary, Get Well Soon, Thank You, Father's Day, Mother's Day and the list goes on. Included is a line of cultural cards.

We also offer a unique individualized option where you can send pictures and key words to be considered when creating your greeting card. This option is $12 for each greeting card as it is created specifically to each individuals want and needs.  Please use the contact us feature to inquire about this option.

Our cards are great quality, with thoughtful messages.  We also offer customizable greeting cards where you can include photos of your own and poems or heartfelt messages with key words from each buyer. 


We are dedicated to providing excellent quality greeting cards. And excellent customer service as we focus on being proactive with any issues that arise.  We are courteous and will promptly respond to any issues within 24 hours of receiving notice by email or phone.


We appreciate and listen to our customers feedback and any concerns that may arise.  If 100% Satisfaction is not achieved we will offer a refund or an exchange for any greeting card purchased.